7 Steps to GET IT SOLD!

  1. Work your agent!
    Choose a pro-active agent who will actively seek buyers for your home, follow-up everyone who enquires, who works weekends when buyers are active, and who will promote your property tirelessly and enthusiastically until it is sold.
  2. Price to sell!
    A property is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it. Get your agent to explain recent sale prices achieved for comparable properties. Every property has pros and cons and while you may be reconciled to the drawbacks at your home and be in love with the good points, buyers are not. Getting the asking price right up front will get you the highest possible price. If in doubt get a registered valuation for an independent assessment of your property’s worth.
  3. First impressions matter!
    De-clutter, hire a storage shed if you have to. Clean from top to toe. Fresh flowers, soft music, let the sun shine in. Help buyers to imagine themselves living at your home.
  4. Ease of access for buyers!
    Buyers want it to be easy, they want to see the photos, drive by, know the price before they view. Weekend open homes are great as the Buyer can come and go in a few minutes if it is not for them or spend the whole 45 minutes with-out the agent or owner breathing down their neck, allowing them to build that essential emotional attachment to the property. Buyers don’t want to be nabbed by a real estate agent either!
  5. Tell the world!
    You can’t sell a secret. To get the best price you must let all the buyers know your property is for sale. I don’t mean flashy colour ads that cost big bucks. A well thought out plan for a full 8 week comprehensive marketing programme need only cost around $1300.
  6. Listen to the feedback!
    Your agent should be calling you after every viewing and open home to let you know the news: how many through, what are buyers saying about your property, what is the price feedback. Regular written reports followed up by face to face meetings with agent and seller are important so that when that offer comes in you are in the best position to negotiate the best deal.
  7. Take action!
    If buyers are finding an aspect of your property negative then change it or overcome it if you can. Don’t take it personally. Your agent should be able to make suggestions. If nobody shows at your first couple of open homes or if you have buyers through but no interest or if similar homes are selling for less then you may need to adjust your price.
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7 Steps to GET IT SOLD!